Charge Across America, first cross-country electric vehicle rally, to cover more than 3,000 miles and reach finish line in Los Angeles

(Los Angeles, CA) — November 9, 2021

On November 9, ten days after the first cross-country electric vehicle rally kicked off in New York City, five teams of drivers are slated to reach the finish line in Los Angeles at Westlake Autoscape.

At that point, the participants in Charge Across America will have clocked more than 3,000 miles, using only electric vehicles.

On Oct. 31 the Charge Across America teams launched from Brooklyn, NY. Over 10 days, the rally has aimed to demystify electric vehicles, demonstrate the cars’ impressive capabilities, and highlight the technology advancements and initiatives ushering in the EV revolution

On Tuesday, the teams will make their way from Las Vegas to the final stop in Los Angeles. The winner will be presented with a $10,000 grand prize.

The final press event will start at 5 PM PT and will be held at Westlake Autoscape. Four leaders in the EV industry will address the crowd:

Mike Calise, President of Tritium, a world leader in electric vehicle DC fast charging solutions
George Pero, Vice President of Dave Cantin Group, a holistic resource for acquisitions, growth, and insight in the automotive industry and sponsor of the press event.
Kristin Slanina, Managing Director of Charge Across America
Mike Landau, CEO of ParkMyFleet, a mobility company and Platinum Sponsor of Charge Across America.

“This has been an incredible and inspiring ride,” said Landau. “We are showing America, and the entire world really, that we are truly ready, as a society, to fully embrace the EV revolution.”

In each city along the way, CAA hosted numerous events to spotlight crucial gains made in the EV space.

“There’s so much great progress being made in electric vehicles but there are still key opportunities to address,” said Slanina. “Charge Across America has offered up clarity as to where the deficiencies lie and how we can target investment money to improve EV standards and increase mass adoption.”

TangentVector, an award-winning production company, will film the entirety of Charge Across America and produce a documentary about the groundbreaking event.

CAA premiere sponsor level: Cambridge Mobile Telematics, Dave Cantin Group/Westlake Autoscape, Velodyne Lidar, Ship Your Car Now, Thirdware, and US Bank Voyager.

Learn more about the grand finale event and RSVP here.

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