Charge Across America, a cross-country electric vehicle event, to kick off in NYC at Revel Superhub

New York, NY —— On October 31, Charge Across America (CAA), a cross-country electric vehicle event, will launch from Brooklyn, NY at the fast-charging Superhub at Revel, an electric mobility company.

CAA will bring together teams of drivers, of varying backgrounds, who will traverse the country in electric vehicles, from New York City to Los Angeles. The event aims to demystify electric vehicles and demonstrate the cars’ impressive capabilities. At each location, the event will highlight the technology advancements and initiatives ushering in the EV revolution. 

Over the course of the 10-day event, the teams will make planned and strategic stops, where they’ll highlight each destination’s significant gains and initiatives in the electric vehicle space. 

Teams will face the common challenges that come with driving long distances — including route navigation and fatigue — while also grappling with ones unique to driving EVs: How far to drive before charging and identifying conveniently-located charging stations. 

“Charge Across America will show the US, and the world, just how ready we are as a society to embrace the EV revolution,” said Kristin Slanina, Managing Director of Charge Across America. “It’s exciting to start in New York City, which has made major commitments and inroads in electrification, even in such a bustling and complex urban landscape. 

On Oct. 31, the drivers will kick off the event from Revel’s Superhub. The company, which is hosting the event’s launch, is leading cities to a zero-carbon future by integrating technology, operations, and infrastructure across energy and mobility sectors. It offers consumers access to shared electric mopeds, electric rideshare, EV fast-charging stations and eBike subscriptions. 

“Getting people out of gas-guzzling cars and into EVs is one of the most important parts of our country’s progress towards a zero-carbon future,” said Paul Suhey, Revel Co-Founder and Head of Rideshare & EV Infrastructure. “Revel is working to make this vision a reality with our shared electric mobility options and urban charging infrastructure, and we’re proud to host Charge Across America as they do the same by spreading the word about the versatility of electric vehicles.” 

From New York City, the teams will drive through New Jersey and Pennsylvania before arriving at their final destination for the day in Pittsburgh.

The event has partnered with TangentVector, an award-winning production company, which will film and produce a documentary about this groundbreaking race. ParkMyFleet, a mobility company, will serve as a platinum sponsor throughout the entirety of the Charge Across America event.

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