I’m driving across the US in an EV to prove that now is a great time to go electric

On October 31, five teams of drivers will hit the road from Brooklyn, New York, using only electric vehicles, and will traverse the country over 10 days to their final stop in Los Angeles. The goal of the event, Charge Across America, is to demystify electric vehicles and highlight innovations in the industry. 
Each of the drivers brings a diverse set of skills to the road, a common passion for EVs, and an eagerness to demonstrate the vehicles’ burgeoning and exciting capabilities. 

One of the drivers, Laycee, known to her followers as “Miss GoElectric,” shared with Charge Across America her motivation for joining the race and some of her strategies for the event. 
What inspired you to join Charge Across America? 
I know it is important to show everyone that electric cars are already the best mobility choice for many people across the country. We can prove that now is a great time to go electric.
What do you think will be the biggest challenge? 
I frequently road trip in my EV but have never been timed for it. Keeping all the rules in mind and figuring out how to maximize moving time will be very important.
What are some of your strategies for the race?
Strategies we will implement include optimizing charging stops for our Mustang Mach E’s charging curve with consideration for the following day’s objectives. We will strive to make the trip as efficient as possible. Oh and most importantly, have fun.
What’s your favorite EV?
I love my Tesla, and my next EV will probably be a long range pickup truck or full-sized SUV. The Rivian R1T looks to be first to market and I’ve pre-ordered a 400-mile MaxPack version. If you are thinking of getting me an EV for my birthday, I’d happily accept a Rimac Nevera.  
What excites you most about EVs? 
The dramatic improvement to my standard of living is what continues to excite me about EVs. The ability to affordably and conveniently charge at home, the quiet and peaceful drive experience, and the exhilarating performance all contribute to a joyful lifestyle. My EV has been the most reliable automobile I’ve owned.
What was your first car? 
My first car was an Electric Batmobile. Driving it up and down my grandparent’s driveway back in the early 90s was the first time I experienced the famed “EV grin”.

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