Charge Across America partners with TangentVector to produce docuseries about cross-country EV race

Race dates: October 31st-November 09, 2021

Charge Across America (CAA), the first-ever cross-country US electric vehicle race, is proud to announce a partnership with TangentVector, an award-winning production company behind groundbreaking films made for NBC Universal, Netflix, Discovery, and Hagerty, 

TangentVector, which focuses its production pursuits solely on the automotive space, will film every mile of the CAA event and produce a docuseries about this first-of-its-kind race.

Over the course of 10 days in the fall, numerous teams — of various backgrounds and skill levels — will race from New York City to Los Angeles, using only electric vehicles. The winners will take home the car they competed in. 

The goal of Charge Across America is to demystify electric vehicles by highlighting the industry’s exciting emerging technologies and recent exponential gains.

The ensuing docuseries will capture all of the heated competition and grit involved in a long-distance vehicular race, while also demonstrating the unique challenges involved in racing EVs over far distances. That includes mapping out charging stations along the way and strategizing how much mileage to clock in before recharging. 

The docuseries will also amplify CAA’s overarching message: The electric vehicle revolution is here and this is an opportune moment for American drivers to embrace it.

TangentVector is auspiciously poised to tell the Charge Across America story. The company has more than a decade of experience in video production, pertaining to thrilling developments and events within the automotive industry.

“TangentVector was a natural and obvious production partner for us,” said Kristin Slanina, Director of Charge Across America. “The company excels in producing compelling and beautifully shot features. TangentVector is a perfect fit since it has its finger on the pulse of all things automotive and truly grasps the essence of the CAA mission and message.”

In 2015, TangentVector released APEX: The Story of the Hypercar, which delineated the sports car’s cultural and technological evolution, and in 2019, TangentVector released APEX: The Secret Race Across America, a feature film that documented the illegal, underground world of US transcontinental racing. The films were named “Best Car Documentaries to watch” by Bloomberg, Jalopnik and more. 

As part of the YouTube Content Creators Program, TangentVector created the successful /DRIVE Networkwhich was sold to Time Inc. in 2016. In July, TangentVector announced a partnership with Cross Creek Pictures, a premiere independent feature film finance and development production company.

“We are fans of Charge Across America and we’re excited that they chose to partner with TangentVector,” said Reed McDonagh, Partnerships & Development, at TangentVector. “We’ve long been a part of cross country races and events. We’re very excited to now take that knowledge and documentary expertise, lead by our chief creative and CEO JF Musial, to the team at Charge Across America. Not often are you presented with the opportunity to partner with a company that is on the leading edge of infrastructure.”

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